Damn Aroldo, you’re really good huh. you were starting a video when suddenly you come across this scene. the state of Espírito Santo is connected to the king of the serpent. My friend Haroldo Baer, I hope you had a good New Year and your family did too, your video is always sensational, a big hug.

I went from Portugal to Brazil in November 2022 to Brasilia and we went over the mountain range, I sent good vibes to our friend Haroldo, hug my friend, success always. My friend Haroldo, you are the best my friend, only you can record and make this great quality content for your followers. Beast, the beast has to respect man is a beast big hug, my friend, Haroldo.

It’s always great to watch your videos here in PORTUGAL, hugs, keep up the good work, and be very careful not to have any more accidents. Sensational this is a super cool video about animals but our king shows how this snake is we thank you very much for a big hug friend of snakes Aroldo Bauer you and a ten making the best explanations on YouTube.