She was found “living” at a rural gas station. Georgia is a smallish shepherd mix and is at the vet this afternoon for a full work up. Puppies will be here in a month or so! Georgia learning how to enjoy a backyard. Day 15: Georgia couldn’t wait to get into her whelping pool. She isn’t due for approximately 2 more weeks.

Day 25: Georgia went into premature labor and her puppies are too small and can’t latch. They have no fur and I can hardly tell what sex they are since they are being born way too early. She has had two pups so far and they both have passed. Georgia had to be rushed to have an emergency c-section and spay.

After giving birth to the first two pups (who passed shortly after birth), her labor stalled for about 3 hours. On the way to the vet, Georgia had puppy number 3 in the car. she still had two unborn pups that were not viable and they passed away. Going into premature labor gave her babies no chance of living outside of her womb.

Day 26: Physically Georgia is healing well. Mentally she is still searching for her babies. Day 27: We took in three motherless newborn kittens for Georgia. She loves them. So far we have been able to get one to latch and are bottle feeding until the other two figure it out too. Day 29: Georgia and kitties. Two of the three babies are thriving and bottle feeding fairly well.

Neither is able to latch strongly enough to eat from mama Georgia alone. Very sadly, the third baby passed away. That baby did have a small amount of blood near their rear end, and we are unsure if that had something to do with the passing. Georgia is extremely focused on her two seemingly healthy babies and is doing really well.

Bless this little family! Day 32: Georgia decided on the names for her babies….dark grey baby is Graffiti, tan baby is Gumball and the newest family member, orange baby, is Goober. They have all opened their eyes, are gaining weight (now weigh 7-8 ounces each), and seem very content with mama. Day 37: Georgia and kitties. She takes her cleaning of the babies very seriously! Good mama.

@torbazorb14, her new dad, came to visit Georgia/Milo and brought her a cute new collar. Day 39: Cutest thing ever!! Day 41: Happy girl and happy babies!

Day 45: After each meal, Georgia’s babies spend time with her to cuddle, “nurse” and be cleaned. Mama and babies enjoy this part of the day very much. She has now developed a visible tumor on her female parts and will start chemo some days later. This form of cancer is highly curable and we expect Georgia to make a full recovery.

Once Georgia starts treatment her babies will not be able to spend time with her until treatment is over. Graffiti, being the smallest, hasn’t mastered jumping out of the pool, YET! Day 50: Georgia took a ride today to her to-adopt home.

Her new name is Milo and she will have her cancer treatment and recovery with her new dad @torbazorb14. Day 52: Georgia/Milo and I were quite happy to see each other at her first chemo treatment. Day 70: Look who just finished her last chemo treatment!! Georgia/Milo and she is feeling good! This tough little lady had to fend for herself on the streets, then she lost all her puppies, and then endured chemo treatments! Day 85: Georgia’s (Milo) babies are getting so big They are about 2.5 pounds now and they think they own the place.


While I am a dog person at heart, I sure will miss these little punks. Day 95: This is the moment that many have been waiting for, the reunion between Georgia/Milo and her baby kitten, Gumball/Toby. We all wanted the fairy tale ending for this story. We imagined Milo and Toby seeing each other and running to greet and frolic in happiness.

Well, animals behavior is very honest and Milo was actually a little bit scared of Toby. This is truly a happy and real ending for these two. I couldn’t be happier for Milo and will never forget her or her 3 kittens.

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