Super rare albino orange dragon raised by a man

Suρer rare albiпο οraпge dragοп raised by a maп

Developing a relationship with animals is not limited to mammals. Fish, reptiles, insects, and other animal species can become your closest friends if you develop a rapport with them.

Tamerlan, the pet iguana of Ukrainian Creative Director Alexey Kashpersky, is the subject of one such happy tale.

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Tamerlan is an orange dragon iguana that is blind due to a rare ailment. Due to the fact that he is an Albino Super Crimson Iguana, his skin is orange.

Tamerlan was welcomed into lexey’s house despite his illness, where he receives the greatest possible care.

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Tamerlan’s daily regimen involves sunbathing, which is important for cold-blooded creatures to regulate their body temperature. Alexey ensures that Tamerlan maintains a healthy lifestyle by pampering him daily from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Tamerlan is given a wash and his nails are clipped prior to his dinner. He then curls up with his beloved green stuffed animal, which gives him with comfort and reassurance.

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Alexey’s wife is also in favor of having Tamerlan at home, and the iguana adores her. Tamerlan brings joy to their house, and the three frequently dines or lounges outdoors. Tamerlan likes listening to lexey play the guitar, demonstrating his appreciation for music.

lexey and Tamerlan have a profound bond, as seen by the manner in which they interact. lexey says that Tamerlan immediately found a buddy in him, and it is an amazing feeling to have such a bond with an animal.

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Tamerlan and Alexey’s story demonstrates that reptiles, which are sometimes perceived as deadly and frightening, may become your greatest friend. With proper care and attention, these animals are capable of displaying the same love and affection as any other pet.

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